Don’t Expect People To Stay

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It does not matter how much you pay them, give them mentorship, opportunities etc. Life changes and so do people. Plan for their exit and always have a 2nd in place who is capable.

adminDon’t Expect People To Stay

Don’t Trust Optimists

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Consider your business as a glass half empty situation. By focusing on what could go wrong, and fixing it and planning for it, you will improve your outcomes dramatically, by being ready for objections and other sure to occur challenges.

adminDon’t Trust Optimists

Don’t Spend Money As It Comes In

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My biggest mistake was spending the money when I earned it. If I could do it all over again, I would keep three months of overhead in the bank. Trust me you’ll need it eventually.

adminDon’t Spend Money As It Comes In

Don’t Keep P.I.T.A. Clients

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A P.I.T.A. client is not worth it. You end up spending your time working on someone who is never happy and disregard the better clients who don’t complain.

adminDon’t Keep P.I.T.A. Clients

Don’t Expect Business Partnerships To Be Easy

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Just like marriages, having a business partner is not always easy.  When times are fruitful and money is plentiful everyone get a long. In tough business climates and when moneys run short that is the real test.

dangalganoDon’t Expect Business Partnerships To Be Easy

Don’t Hire Friends and Family

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First we would not hire friends and family. Second, we would be more demanding of employees and not treat them as friends. We would have been more productive if we were somewhat sterner.

negminDon’t Hire Friends and Family

Don’t Hire Jerks

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I would have a “no jerks” rule and use the probationary period to fire jerks, no matter how talented and skillful they may be.

negminDon’t Hire Jerks

Don’t Hire Part-Time Employees

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Don’t hire part-time employees thinking you’ll save money over a full-time employee. Part timers have somewhere else to be and are less productive than the person trying to impress you to move up the ladder.

negminDon’t Hire Part-Time Employees

Don’t Undercut Your Price

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Don’t undercut your price. You work harder, have less money and the client thinks you are only worth that much. If you are not confident in yourself enough to raise your fees, then you should not be in business.

negminDon’t Undercut Your Price