Kevin Wenig

Negativity oozes out of Kevin’s pores and if he were to pick a number to represent himself, it would be something negative – and thus this website suits him perfectly. He also subscribes to most conspiracy theories, argues a losing point for no apparent reason and has an office air filter because someone once told him they create negatively charged ions, whatever that means. In his spare time, he can be found lecturing his kids on what not to do, which he’s pretty sure they appreciate.

Kevin has been in public accounting since 1992 and his “Day Job” since 2001 has been running an accounting practice in Trumbull, CT, that services small businesses throughout the US. Specialized, proprietary software allows his company to act as an Offsite Finance Department for most of his clients remotely, which provides a far better level of service at a lower cost than hiring in-house staff. Just ask him and he’ll tell you all about it… whether you were really only being polite or not.

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Ted LeBouthillier

Ted is a web developer with over 20 years experience building customized websites for a diverse client base. Ted founded Big Dog & Hat, LLC in 1997.

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