Don’t Go It Alone

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Some people do great things all by themselves. Not me. I’ve come to accept that I need a team – or at least a teammate.

Ideally, this would be a business partner – someone who stands to gain personally and financially if the business succeeds. And who has something to lose if it doesn’t.

Although it doesn’t necessarily have to be a partner. It could be a mentor, or perhaps a good mastermind group who can keep you on point, focused and who can bring good ideas and suggestions to the table.

Whoever this person is, he or she shouldn’t be one that only contributes money to the cause. Money will help, but only if it’s put to work to develop or grow good ideas. Unless you have an invested individual who will contribute to the ideas and apply the elbow grease to help see the ideas through fruition, then your investor will only be one more burden for you to shoulder as you press on to find success on your own.

Robert, 20 yr. Small Business Computer Consultant

negminDon’t Go It Alone

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