Don’t Befriend Employees

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Don’t think you are befriending your employees. They do not think of you as a friend and are there for one reason – to earn a paycheck. When they laugh at your jokes, it’s because they are plotting their next raise.

negminDon’t Befriend Employees

Don’t Pick A Wrong Partner

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Picking the wrong partners is a big one for me. I tried to start several projects with partners from scratch and each time I found that we were not compatible with each other.

negminDon’t Pick A Wrong Partner

Don’t Under Value Your Staff

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Don’t under-value your staff. Getting the right group of people who are self motiviated to get the job done, even if you have to pay them more, is what works best.

negminDon’t Under Value Your Staff

Long run Difficulties in Medical Control

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Long run Difficulties in Medical Control Medical care direction really is a field and employ which involves an operation of managing or dealing with tasks of organizatons, companies or associations whose root purpose is health related delivery. Medical care operations are probably the specialist strategies which were changing rapidly.

imhatLong run Difficulties in Medical Control